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Boating Holidays


Boating holidays are a wonderful way to enjoy the best of the English countryside at a relaxed pace. Britain has an extensive network of waterways and canals and a narrow boat holiday is a pleasant way to enjoy them. Whether you want a short break or an extensive exploration, self catering boating holidays offer a stress free experience. All you need to decide is what type of boat to hire and where to go.

The traditional narrow boat, also called the trad, has a short rear deck with the steerer standing between the doors. It is similar in design to the old commercial canal boats and offers the steerer some protection against the weather. The rear deck on a cruiser style narrow boat is wide and flat, leaving room for several people to stand together. There's also a seat for the steerer. The semi traditional narrow boat has a cruiser style rear deck with a semi enclosed position for the steerer. Narrow boats get their name because they are only 7 feet wide, compared with the 14 foot width of barges. This is the maximum width that will fit in a traditional canal.

When planning your self catering boating holiday, it is important to know that you will get all the facilities that you would expect of any other self catering holiday accommodation. The boats are compact but comfortable with several cabins. You will have cooking facilities, perhaps including a fridge and microwave; hot and cold water; showers or baths and flush toilets. Mains power is available from batteries and you should also be able to charge your electrical appliances. Some facilities may be powered by propane or butane fuel. Many boats have between four and eight berths as well as a main lounge area. It's worth checking that this is comfortable you'll be spending a lot of time here whenever the boat is moored.

It won't take too long to get the hang of using the tiller. This is a single lever that steers the diesel powered boats. Than the only issue is where to go. There are dozens of routes to choose from. You may want to take in historic cities, beautiful scenery or pubs. Inexperienced boaters may prefer to avoid the locks, as these take some getting used to. If you are sure you can handle a narrow boat, then try one of the ring routes, many of which take a couple of weeks to navigate. We guarantee that these are a lot more fun than your local ring road. Make sure you get a good map so you know where you're going.

This general information will help you to plan your Boating Holidays, but it's also useful to have information about specific boating companies. Here are a couple of examples.
Kate Boats in Warwickshire build narrow boats and their fleet includes several superb boats named after family members. Claymore Narrow boats in Cheshire have a comfortable fleet with a full range of safety equipment. Boats are cleaned and serviced regularly, offering a self catering boating holiday that compares well with any holiday cottage.